Collaboration: Jikuu Mahou Ch.14-19

Hi all, just a head up on our game plan for this and next week. Natsulus is in his final exam period and I am helping a friend with organise her son’s funeral. We won’t be very active for a short while. Luckily, Jei from Ultimate Arcane is a fantastic chap and have put up his version of ch14-19 on his website. We have also reached out to Jei and get him to be a part of the gang. Woohoo! Expect more for frequent release for Jikuu Mahou from now on.

We are in the process of TLC chapters 14-19 so expect a proper release dump sometimes next week or, if possible, over the weekend period. Once done we will push forward for chapter 20+.


Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Ch.09

A special shout out to falimer for his suggestion of translating Gourudo to Aurum.

I really enjoy Seiji as a character. Calm heart and a good head on his shoulders. He’s 20+ years old and acts like one. A lot of Japanese series’ MCs act like 10 year-old kids despite tooting how old they are when they got summoned/reincarnated. The moment he starts turning into clueless harem shounen hero, I’m dropping it.

Anyway, it was unbecoming for me to keep whining. Enjoy today’s release, oh readers mine:
09.城下町 – The Castle Town

Jikuu Mahou De Isekai To Chikyuu Wo Ittarikitari Ch. 08

Natsulus has been busy with his works so this chapter has yet to be received his editing. I’ve done my best to ensure the usual standard but I’m no Natsulus, so do point out any inconsistency or grammar mistakes in comments.

Chapter 9 and 10 are also completed and have been scheduled for release on Wednesday and Thursday.

I’ll be raiding King’s Fall this week so I’ll work on ch.11+ over the weekend. Savour today’s instalment, oh readers mine:

08.姫のウォークインクローゼット- The Princess’ Walk-In Closet

Jikuu Mahou – A currency dilemma!?

Alright folks. I finished up to chapter 10 for Jikuu Mahou and we will now have to wait for Natsu to quality check the translations before releasing.

However, I would love to hear you guys input about the issue with author-sama’s choice of money! Now bear with my explanation.

In Delaidos, the country’s currency is ゴールド (Gourudo, ie. Gold). The country has 3 denominations: 1 gold coin worths 100 Gourudo, 1 silver coin worths 10 Gourodo and 1 copper coin worths 1 Gourudo.

It is really confusing in English if the author said, for example, we have 10 gold. Does that mean 10 Gold coin or 10 Gourudo? In the raw, it’s pretty clear because of the Kanji vs. Katakana but I can see ground for confusion. Especially, since Seiji will earn quite a fair amount pretty soon.

So I think we left with a couple of choices, please suggest more if you have other idea:
1. Stick to the raw, translates as Gold.
2. Translates as Gil.
3. Translates as Aurum (Gold in Latin) – falinmer’s suggestion.

Please leave comments on what you would prefer to see and I’ll incorporate it to the next release.